Edge Computing


Experience the potential
of Edge Computing

The iceMEC is an edge computer that can be used as a gateway in many ways and can be installed anywhere. With the iceMEC you manage infrastructure like LED lights, sensors & cameras.

standalone edge computer

collects & processes data locally

Connection of a variety of sensors

Control via Web Portal / API

The iceMEC is the basis for all IoT solutions in the field of energy, mobility, security and sensor data.

iceMEC Box

A stand-alone device that can be mounted on existing road infrastructure. The all-rounder of the iceMEC family.


Multi-access edge computer for integration in outdoor devices, e.g. in the luminaire head.


Add-on device for the iceMEC. Available as external retrofit variant or for luminaire integration. Internal Dali bus with max. 8 bus clients.
  • Manage the flow of traffic in your city

    Get valuable mobility data by capturing real-time road traffic. Access detailed forecasts of traffic congestion. This way, efficient traffic management can improve people's lives and have a positive impact on the economy.

  • Reduce energy costs

    With our solution, you can optimize the energy consumption of your city or company: The management tool controls the LED technology used in a highly efficient way and can thus reduce your costs.

  • Smart decisions through environmental data

    The iceMEC, in combination with sensor technology and artificial intelligence, expands your existing infrastructure and you can keep up with the constant developments. Urbanization and population growth lead to air pollution and higher energy consumption. Our data plays a central role in empowering cities and businesses to analyze and manage these challenges.

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